How to get a Jade Plant to Flower

How to get a Jade Plant to Flower

For a jade plant to flower, it needs to be at least 3-4 years old and requires patience and perfect conditions. Your best chance of getting your jade plant to bloom is to mimic its native growing conditions. The ideal desert setting for a jade plant is hot, bright days with very little moisture in the air and cool nights.

Light & Dark
Your Jade plant will need to get around 8-12 hours of bright, direct sunlight and 14-16 hours of complete darkness during nighttime to bloom.
In general, plants flower when they’re coming to the end of their life-cycle or when they are a bit stressed. The whole point of flowers is to create the next generation of plants.
The combination of this, along with less watering and shorter days, will encourage the plant to bloom.

Or rather, the lack of water is key. If you want your jade plant to flower, remember they like dry roots. Water the plant only when the soil goes completely dry and avoid feeding the plant during that time.

Avoid Re-potting
Allow the jade plant to live in the same pot for longer. This will divert energy into producing shoots and flowers rather than spending it forming more roots.

Try to keep your plant in a temperature range of 50-60 F (10-15 C), this will encourage the plant to form buds.

Jade plants grow for many years without blooming. Even in their native habitat, the plants need to be very mature before they form flowers. Remember an arid ambient environment is key. Interior conditions are often too humid for the plant to form buds.

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