What Makes Jade Plant’s Leaves Turn Red?

What Makes Jade Plant’s Leaves Turn Red?


In simple terms, what you see is the movement of a coloured water-soluble pigment called ANTHOCYANIN that make certain jade plants red. Find out more about Anthocyanin

This is a natural method of protection, a reaction to stress, a genetic trait provided by nature for the plant.

Not all Crassulas (Jades) have the same amount of anthocyanin, or express it the same way.


Simply put, stressing a jade plant makes it colorful.

There are a number of ways you can increase plant stress including exposure to sunlight and contrasting temperatures. Find out about OTHER FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE ANTHOCYANINS here.

Grow a Red Variety

All standard varieties can become red, but the best way to have a RED JADE PLANT is to grow a variety with the same tint naturally. Harbour Lights, Hummel’s Sunset, Red coral and Crosby’s Red are the best ones to grow!


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